Class of '77

Share your memories! Post fun photos from the past on this page. If you don't have access digitally, try scanning the photo and posting it. If all else fails (which is my general situation), take a photo of the photo with your phone and upload! We'll all enjoy them.

Administrators have to approve the photos before they're posted, so there may be a small timelapse before they appear on the site.


Joel Stehlik
6 Photos  11/27/16
Pat Jenkins Baloun
1 Photo  3/26/17
Lisa Erickson Ringkob
1 Photo  3/30/17
Julie Schultz Brown
69 Photos  5/28/17
Liz Halloran
16 Photos  5/28/17
Mary Kaus Van't Hul
18 Photos  7/19/17
Steven Hier Hier
79 Photos  7/21/17